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Elizabeth Suzann Sewing Patterns Tutorial Round Up

Last Updated: 7rd August 2020

UPDATE: Please first read the below post for context however bear in mind that the dropbox link with the patterns is no longer available. Liz Pape the owner of EZ will be releasing the patterns on her own website at some point in the future. Please sign up to the EZ newsletter as announcements will be made through that channel for pattern releases.

The three community members who started this whole amazing project, @minamilasitmachinist@mombasics + @thestoryclubpdx (and @luigiwu who converted the files to print at home versions) have limited bandwidth so they ask that you please direct any pattern construction questions to the community at large not to them directly. #ESMadeByMe is your friend here. 

Please DO continue to contribute to local Black led organisations. See below for some suggestions.

The above is a summary of @minamilasitmachinist's post so please read it in full to get the full update. 

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The Dropbox for the #ESMadeByMe patterns will no longer be accessible as of Friday 17th July 2020 at 8AM PST / 4PM BST. 1. While we have not directly coordinated with Liz Pape on this file sharing project, we have been in contact with her throughout the process and know that her wishes are to host the files exclusively on her own website when she’s ready to do so. We do not know her timeline but feel that enough time has passed for the community to have accessed the converted files. 2. We are three humans with a limited bandwidth for the administrative tasks a project like this requires. This is our way of saying to you, dear reader, please direct any questions on pattern construction directly to the community. Seek out those who have already shared tutorials and deciphered construction using the hashtag. Most importantly, please DO NOT email Liz Pape with questions about these patterns. When will her patterns with instructions be available? We will all find out when they launch! We send our deepest gratitude to all the folks who have contributed and donated. Thank you to the small group in this community who funded the conversion of the original PDS files. Thanks again to @luigiwu who converted the files to A0 and Print At Home formats. And a huge thanks to every single person who donated, shared and highlighted the Black-led organization they donated to. With 12k+ subscribers this has the potential to be a huge amount of donations. This brings us to the last two points: 3. We will be sharing the email list of subscribers with Liz Pape. If you’d like to be removed, please click the unsubscribe button in your original email before the Friday deadline. 4. We request that if you do share them with friends after the Dropbox link has been deactivated, that you DO NOT host them publicly. We ask that you respect Liz’s wishes to host them *exclusively* on her own terms when she’s ready. We look forward to seeing all your #ESMadeByMe makes and thank you for making the project such a success for BLM support.

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Original Post

Elizabeth Suzann was a sustainable fashion label that created beautiful boxy garments suitable for a whole range of body sizes. Unfortunately EZ has closed down due to the covid-19 pandemic. It was just not possible to keep their doors open and maintain a safe work environment and keep up with cost overheads. 

The founder and owner Elizabeth has since made her patterns available for free and some wonderful folks in the sewing community have worked to get the patterns available in a0 and home printable formats. A big shout out goes to @minamilasitmachinist@mombasics + @thestoryclubpdx who worked together to provide the patterns for the home sewing community!

Please see the original post below for more information on how to obtain the patterns.

However, most importantly if you do download a pattern, the ask is that if you are a non-Black person and can do so, to please donate what you might have ordinarily paid for a pattern to a Black led organization. Reposting some suggestions by @minimalistmachinist from her original post:

  • @glits_inc - Gays & Lesbians Living In A Transgender Society is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community on a global scale. DONATE
  • @mvmnt4blklives - M4BL is a national network of over 150 leaders and organizations creating a broad political home for Black people to learn, organize, and take action. DONATE
  • @thelovelandfoundation. Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. DONATE

We've also put together a list of suggestions for Indigenous groups below for any Australian readers too:

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@mombasics + @thestoryclubpdx + yours truly have been working together to make the RAW pattern files for some Elizabeth Suzann styles usable for our community. . Several sizes in this first batch of styles are currently available, and we will be adding the remaining sizes as well as A0 format PDFs over the coming days with thanks to @luigiwu. . Just click the link in my bio to sign up for a newsletter with more info and access to all the patterns for FREE. This is possible thanks to crowdsourced funds from folks in this community and Liz generously making her intellectual property available to us all. . We just ask that if you are a non-Black person and able, please make a donation to a local or regional Black led organization in the amount you would have paid for access to these patterns. We've tagged a few suggestions: @glits_inc / @mvmnt4blklives / @thelovelandfoundation . In the spirit of the last Elizabeth Suzann Instagram post, FUCK CAPITALISM and sew on. Please celebrate and share your makes with the community by using #ESMadeByMe . *Original Image inspired by artwork commissioned for Elizabeth Suzann.

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Elizabeth Suzann is  selling some of her fabric by the yard, and at some point in the future plans to release the patterns with instructions. In the meantime we’ve put together an EZ pattern tutorial round up below. 

Elizabeth Suzann Sewing Pattern Tutorial Round Up

Clyde Work Pants

Peachy Sewist Clyde Work Pant Tutorial

@whatkatiesews Clyde Work Pant Insta Highlight

@listokap Clyde Work Pant Insta Highlight

@lisotokap Clyde Work Pant (Knit) Insta Highlight

@stitch_collective Clyde Work Pant YouTube Tutorial

@craftwerking Clyde Work Pants Sizing Help

@reclaimedcraft Clyde Pocket Tips and Tricks

@reclaimedcraft Clyde Work Pant Insta Highlight

Sara from Sewing Therapy - Clyde Work Pant Sew Along Tutorial on YouTube

@foundthef Clyde Work Pant Insta Highlight

@stitch_collective Clyde Work Pant Tutorial on YouTube

@zoraphina Instructions in words on Insta

Clyde Jumpsuit

@notaprimarycolor Clyde Jumpsuit Insta Highlight

@pantsfessional Clyde Jumpsuit Insta Highlight

@ajavaz Clyde Jumpsuit Insta Highlight

Georgia Midi / Tee / Dress

@pantsfessional Georgi Midi Insta Highlight

@wzrdreams Georgia Tee Insta Highlight

@reclaimedcraft Georgia Tee Tips & Tricks

Sara from Sewing Therapy - Georgia Midi Sew Along Tutorial on YouTube

Harper Tunic

Sara from Sewing Therapy - Harper Tunic Sew Along Tutorial on YouTube

@emma.rakes Harper Tunic Insta Highlight


Florence Pants

@keepingakindcloset Florence Pants Insta Highlight

 @stitch_collective Florence Pants with Pockets Tutorial on YouTube

How to print PDF patterns

There are two ways you can print a PDF pattern, at home on a regular printer where you then need to tape the pages together to form a complete pattern or at a copy shop. 

A0 Copyshop Printing

I have two personal suggestions that I have used for copy shops:

Australia - Officeworks: You can print using their online form or head into the store in person. You just need to email the store your a0 file as an attachment (they don't accept links) and ask them to print it as a "plan".

USA - PDF Plotting: Upload your a0 file using their online form. Their shipping is super fast and I usually batch up a lot of patterns to save on shipping costs.

There's a great blog post on Cashmerette with even more copyshop suggestions for other locations around the world.

At home Printing

Follow the steps outlined in this Colette blog post for at home printing.

Suggest a tutorial

Know of any other tutorials? Please DM us on instagram or send us an email (yaystitch[at]gmail.com), we'll be keeping this page up to date as we find more sources.

Happy sewing and don't forget to tag your makes with #ESMadeByMe.


A little bit of Yay Stitch news... we have made our first fabrics and notions orders and they are currently in transit to the store and so we plan to open August/September 2020! We can’t wait to throw open our virtual doors. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch. 


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